NuYu Nourish is a whole food, plant-based, (vegan) chef service located in Columbus, Ohio.

I specialize in high starch, low fat, oil-free cooking. This isn’t considered a diet but an actual lifestyle. The side effects of this lifestyle have been know to include, weightloss, clear skin, reverse of diabetes, reverse of erectile disfunction and even heart disease and hypertension.

Though I make no claims to “cure” anything, I CAN give you the tools, recipes and self-certainty that will enhance your survival, continue your success and keep you winning.

My concept is KNOWLEDGE equals CONTROL.

I am dedicated to help you replace your pills or powdered “health” with PLANTS and POTATOES!

I am currently available for GROUP cooking classes and consulting restaurants on how to get these bountiful items on menus locally and beyond. This includes training the staff on how to prepare the dishes and an apprenticeship.

Additionally, I am creating an online course to expand my reach to help others succeed where they may have failed before. This will include a private community for support and sharing.

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I can be reached at 614.216.9113

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