About Me

Rita started out several years ago watching Forks Over Knives, decided to “try out” the plant-based meal plan and had shockingly incredible results. She’s never turned back. She has lost nearly 50 pounds, and that is just one side effect she and her family experienced after making the change.

Having been an incredible cook her entire adult life, she started her own personal chef service NuYu Nourish, interned under a celebrity chef and has been expanding her goals ever since to help more people. Her plan follows strictly and simply those of Dr. Mcdougall, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn’s.

Rita has evolved her reach and recently starting consulting for private dining venues in New York, Pennsylvania, LA, Florida and Ohio in order to get oil-free, starch and plant-based (“vegan”) options on their menus.

Rita is currently writing an on-line course to reach and help more people succeed and win with this lifestyle. She ensures they will have live access to her to smooth out ANYTHING the client might encounter, share successes and enjoy some community conversations.