About Me

I started out several years ago watching Forks Over Knives, decided to “try out” the plant-based meal plan and had shockingly incredible results. I’ve never turned back. I have lost nearly 50 pounds, and that is just one side effect that me, my family, friends and clients have experienced after making the change.

Having been an incredible cook my entire adult life… I started my own personal chef service, NuYu Nourish, to extend my help to others. I interned under a celebrity chef, became a celebrity chef myself and have been expanding my reach and goals ever since! My plan follows strictly and simply those of Dr. Mcdougall, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn’s.

Two years ago I evolved my reach to consulting private dining venues in New York, Pennsylvania, LA and Florida to bring oil-free, starch and plant-based options to their menus, helping even more people to benefit from the food, but also enjoy dining out with family again.
In my spare time, I can contracted to teach and cook at Wellness Retreats, Group Instant Pot teaching classes, Bed and Breakfast Excursions, Mom/Daughter weekends and Team Building Events. Location is not a stop for this provided it’s not in the middle of a swamp or large body of ice!
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