Q  What is a Personal Chef?

A.  A personal chef is an accomplished cook who comes to your home for a day to prepare a number of meals for you. Personal chefs assist with menu planning and do the grocery shopping. They provide their own cookware, spices, some condiments and other cooking items. They cook the meals in your home, package and label the meals and clean your kitchen. Meals prepared by our personal chefs are refrigerated or frozen and then can be reheated as desired. They also give you detailed reheating instructions and menu plans so that you can quickly put together complete delicious meals.


Q.  How do I pay for your service?

A.   I accept personal checks.


Q.  Do you provide a guarantee?

A.  I guarantee refrigerated items for up to 7 days and frozen food items for up to 45 days


Q.  Isn’t a personal chef expensive?

A.  When you consider the time you save in grocery shopping, meal preparation and cleaning combined with the money you spend on groceries and eating out, you are probably going to save money. The cost of our personal chef service is about equal to your family eating out 3-4 nights per week at a family restaurant. Plus you’re getting home cooked and an abundance of food. No major “portion control”. You will always have extra.


Q.  Do I need to sign a long-term agreement?

A.   No. Most personal chef service companies do not require any long term commitment. If you feel my services are not beneficial, you can terminate the service without obligation. Some clients do every week, some bi-weekly and some do monthly “parties” or book club type events only.


Q.  Can you work with special diets?

A.   Yes, my meals are low-fat, prepared low-sodium, whole food, plant-based, oil free, vegan and can be made gluten free upon request. However, there is no lack of flavour.


Q.  How do I start my Personal Chef service?

A.   After you contact me, I will arrange for us to meet to discuss your food likes and dislikes, what types of food allergies you may have, and any dietary requirements or restrictions. This is a complimentary consultation. Then its time to pick your food and schedule your day of service. Yum! I always bring samples to help with decisions.


Q.  What kind of menu does a Personal Chef provide?

A.   Some personal chefs have a menu they provide. I provide a “house favorites” list. Anything can be chosen or I can make most recipes a client requests. I base your weekly meal suggestions on your likes and dislikes. I will sometimes provide a limited menu that changes monthly or seasonally. I can typically customize or “veganize” your menu choices dependent on your needs.


Q.  What happens on the day of Personal Chef service?

A.   Personal Chefs are required to prepare the food in your home. I will usually do the grocery shopping a day or two prior to our set date, arrive at your home early in the day of, clean your kitchen, prepare the food, place it in storage containers and then clean the kitchen, sweep, take out the trash and leave. I will leave you heating instructions for all your food.


Q.  What storage containers can I use?

A.   It is your choice on preference of containers. You just want to ensure you have plenty variety of sizes and quantity.


Q.  What is the cost for Personal Chef service?

A.   Prices are based on the number of servings you order. This includes groceries in the price. Costs will vary according to your needs, weather seasonal food or not and the type of services desired. I will give you the estimated cost after you pick out your meals. I do request a minimal deposit and I ask that you give 48 hours to cancel. Anything less will cost the down payment amount. 

I am happy to be part of your JOURNEY!