1 can light coconut milk
4 T soy sauce (Tamari)
1/4 cup Srirachaimage
1 clove garlic
1 inch grated fresh ginger (1/2 t dry ground)
4 T red Thai curry paste
1 lb. veggies of choice (broccoli, carrots, onion, peppers, mushrooms
1 lb. rice noodles (Asian)
Crushed reds, lime and scallions for garnish



Mix first 6 ingredients into a bowl and set aside
Meanwhile heat wok or nonstick pan
Toss all veggies in and sauté for 5-7 minutes (add tablespoon of water as needed)
Add sauce and stir to heated thru and a bit thick
Toss in cooked noodles and serve
Garnish as above.

Note: For a less fat dish, I have started to use cashew (or low in fat plant milk) and fine grinding of about a Tablespoon of coconut flakes. If you can find a coconut extract that’s natural and not full of a lot of things other than coconut, do comment and let me know what brand and where you found it.